Corporate events

Specific and perfect for you!

Create your own specific event the way you want it and enjoy the day in the longest ski dome worldwide. Indoor combined with outdoor-fun, skiing after your meeting combined with an overnight in one of our hotels. - we'll arrange it for you.

Please note that the all inclusive ticket is the basis for any other services.

Choose from several activities to create your own group package:


Ski or snowboard lesson 1 hour from € 14,00 p.p.
Ski or snowboard lesson 2 hours from € 22,00 p.p.
Slope event from 20 persons from € 18,00 p.p.
Hüttengaudi "selfmade" from 12 persons from € 08,00 p.p.
Indoor Skydiving from 20 persons from € 49,00 p.p.   


Separate buffet (from 50 Personen) from € 28.50 p.p.
Cheese plate rustic from € 08.50 p.p.
Brett'l Jause from € 16.50 p.p.
Table reservation (2 hours) on request


Overnight stay in 4* Van der Valk Hotel Gladbeck from € 49.00 p.p.
Transfer on request
Meeting package in 4* Van der Valk Hotel Gladbeck

on request